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Overhead Fundamentals

  • 45Days
  • 45Steps
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45 Day Overhead Fundamentals program This one gets the job done every time Some call it “greasing the groove”, some call it “Russian Fighter Program”, call it what ever you want, this is how we get results and this is how it happens. We start with small sets of reps in the fundamental overhead movements Pull-up, T2B, and Alt. Grip Hang. If at any point you cant get past the reps start back at that day tomorrow. Recovery between sets is the key element of this program. It is imperative you rest at least 10 minutes between sets allowing body to be fully recovered before returning to the bar. I have access to a bar so I make the rest 1 hour between sets and if you have that kind of possibility like you work from home or can have a pull-up bar at the office that is ideal. Remember 10 minutes between sets is the minimum.

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  • Christian Bizzotto

    Christian Bizzotto



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Overhead Fundamentals

Overhead Fundamentals

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