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You want to run from obstacle to obstacle without walking?

You want to conquer the obstacles, and look cool af?

They key to success is a customized plan.


OCR Coaching


You are looking to level up, whether that’s running your first mile or achieving your fist podium. You will strengthen your mindset, dial your running, increase your strength and become obstacle proficient so that you can run YOUR best race. 


So what’s your why?


Age Group Warrior - Focused on Winning  

-Place top 10 in age group; compete for the podium

-Fine tune your mechanics to make you more efficient, faster and stronger


Open Wave Hero - Focused on Executing

-Run from obstacle to obstacle without walking

-Conquer the obstacles (and look cool af)



Raceday Ready - Focused on Finishing 

-You know you need to do something, don’t know how 

-Arrive at the start line with confidence



You will develop a warrior mindset. It’s not what you know, its the behavior that follows. Our focus will be redefining your daily routine, and adjusting your behavior to meet your goals. Your plan is based on your desired outcomes and current commitments. This way your programming works with your schedule. 


Because I personally tailor the program, space is extremely limited to 30 participants per race season. 


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